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Housing values in Baltimore have been rising faster than in surrounding counties, interest rates are still relatively low, and home prices in most Baltimore neighborhoods are affordable. To assist you, Baltimore Housing’s Homeownership Office centralizes all programs and services in one place. Our staff can advise you on which program might be best for you and help get you connected to counseling agencies. Baltimore Housing’s Division of Green, Healthy and Sustainable Homes is dedicated to assisting current homeowners through a wide range of programs and services.

Find a Vacant to Rehab

The Land Resources Division manages the sale of city-owned property and works with developers and other parties interested in acquiring these properties. Find a Receivership Property

Find a Rehabbed Home to Buy

These formerly vacant properties have been rehabbed by developers and are currently on the market. They qualify for the Vacants to Value Booster Program.

Adopt- A- Lot Program/Community Gardens

Adopting a city-owned vacant lot can improve the living conditions in your neighborhood. You and your neighbors can create a peaceful, space for everyone to share. It not only improves your neighborhood, it helps the City become a beautiful and productive place to live for everyone!

How Do I Adopt A Lot?

By following this link, you can review the most recent list of City-owned available lots. The list will show you:
  1. Which lots are available
  2. Which lots have been adopted
  3. Which lots have received a Qualified Community Managed Open Space (QCMOS) rating
  4. Which sites are part of an urban farm lease
Click here to apply for an Adopt a Lot License. If you have a particular vacant lot in mind in your neighborhood, but can’t find it on the list then it’s not available to you through the City’s Adopt-A-Lot program. Take another look at the list of available lots and try to identify another lot that can meet your needs. There are many, many other lots to choose from! If you really have your mind set on a vacant lot that’s not available, contact Parks and People Foundation . They can point you in the right direction to find out whether or not the lot is privately owned and what options may be available to you.

How Do I Bring Water to My Site?

The City has partnered with the Water Department to give gardeners to the ability to access water for their adopted lot for a flat rate of $120 that covers the standard garden season of March 1st through November 30th. By following this link, you will be taken to the Water Access Program online application. Once you submit your application, you will receive a water access agreement via email within 7-10 business days. You will print, sign and mail the form back in with the $120 payment made payable to the Director of Finance and referencing the garden name in the memo line. Once received, an inspector will go assess your garden for water availability. If water is available, the inspector will install a device that you can connect a hose to and will contact you to provide instruction on how to use it. If water access is not available, your original $120 payment will be returned to you with information for other options. You can contact Parks and People to help you determine what option may work best for the type of green space you are trying to create.

Important Dates Regarding Water Access!

First Week of February– Garden Season Opens!! Start submitting applications! Second Week of February – Applications are reviewed and service requests for installs will start being sent to the Water Department October 1st – Last day to submit water access application November 30th – Garden Season Ends and service requests will start being sent to the Water Department to remove service


Parks and People

E: info@parksandpeople.org


Baltimore Green Space


E: info@baltimoregreenspace.org